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Member-to-Member Promotion Program Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the Member-to-Member Promotion Program?

A: The AOTMP® Member-to-Member Promotion Program is designed to give our members an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts to their fellow members, such as discounted products and/or services.


Q: Who is eligible to offer a Member-to-Member Promotion?

A: Any Member of AOTMP® in good standing.


Q: Who is eligible to receive a Member-to-Member Promotion?

A: Any active individual/corporate member is eligible to receive the discounts offered in the program.


Q: How can I verify if someone is a member of AOTMP®?

A: For an up-to-date listing of members, please visit and view the Membership Directory online.


Q: How much does the promotion program cost?

A: Participating in the Member-to-Member Promotion Program is FREE! It is a benefit for all our members.


Q: What is the advantage of participating in the program?

A: Members gain exposure by advertising their discounted products and services to the AOTMP® membership. The member-to-member promotion program offers businesses an opportunity to build their customer base and provides no-cost marketing.


Q: What kind of discount should I offer?

A: Many members offer a percentage off products and/or services. Examples include: “10% off a specific service” or “special rates for specific services, call business for details”. Discounts are ultimately at the member’s discretion so you must make that decision.


Q: How are Member-to-Member Promotions publicized?

A: AOTMP® promotes its Member-to-Member Promotion Program via its Web site, member community online, email, and/or promotional flyers.  Information is updated regularly.


Q: What if I take part in the program, but change my mind?

A: Members can choose to discontinue their participation in the promotion program at any time.  AOTMP® requires a 30-day written notice to update promotional material.